Livingstone has created thousands of pages for Bibles and books. Our extensive experience speaks for itself.

  • Our number one goal is to serve publishers. We have been an industry leader in Bible typesetting for over 20 years. We’ll provide you with an array of services to make your work easier and save you time and money.
  • We have worked with databases of twelve major translations from which we have composed some 160 Bible projects for more than 30 publishers. Our considerable experience with these databases helps assure you that we will bring in your project on time and on budget.
  • Careful project tracking, along with multiple resources, helps us deliver on time. And if you need it fast, we have the ability to collapse the schedule span to meet your urgent needs. We will give constant updates as your project progresses and sound early warning signals when necessary to help keep a project on track.
  • We utilize diverse platforms. We can typeset in InDesign or Quark and on Mac or PC. We create each project on the program and platform that makes the most sense for the project and the client.

Our quality control on our typeset pages includes the following . . .

  • We run visual quality control checks on first, second, and third page cycles. We have to watch for many variables, especially with Bibles: footnotes on the correct page, poetry indents, special settings, verse number placement, etc. Our staff has been turning tens of thousands of Bible pages for years and is among the best at Bible quality control. We apply the same care to our trade books and study guides.
  • Our own 7-step quality control process insures clean pages, offering reassurance that your requested changes and adjustments are being handled carefully and efficiently.
  • We run an electronic text verification on every Bible we compose. Electronic text verification performs a character-for-character comparison of our composed file with the original Bible database. This ensures that no words or verses have been added to, deleted from, or changed in the Bible text. This is in addition to the visual checks and, in the case of Bibles, Peachtree’s proofread.
  • We preflight all of our files. We’re committed to delivering graphics, fonts, and files that work at the printer—the first time, every time.
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