Soul of C. S. Lewis

Soul of C. S. Lewis


Devotional book

Project Management, Editorial

Livingstone presented to Tyndale the idea to do a devotional book of meditations on quotes from the works of C. S. Lewis, especially some of his lesser known, non-fiction books. Livingstone was challenged to create a devotional book worthy of the depth of C. S. Lewis’s writings.

The Livingstone team

  • Wrote the manuscript. Our own Linda Washington worked with Wayne Martindale and Jerry Root (authors of The Quotable Lewis, Tyndale) to draw out quotations from twenty-six of Lewis’s best-loved writings, including much of his non-fiction, for a total of 240 excerpts.
  • Hired additional contributors to help write 240 devotionals, one for each excerpt.
  • Chose and quoted a key verse to go with each devotional.
  • Wrote introductions to each section that give an overview of the C. S. Lewis book highlighted in that section.
  • Worked with the C. S. Lewis Foundation to secure permissions for all quotations.
  • Edited the devotionals and worked with the team at Tyndale to finalize content.
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