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Project Management, Editorial, Design (interior), Typesetting

General editor Ted Cabal and his team of associate editors and scholars, along with the team at Holman Bible Publishers, created a resource work filled with articles and notes written by exegetes, historians, archaeologists, theologians, philosophers, and scientists. These writers address over 130 tough questions, describe more than 60 locations of “twisted Scripture,” and give thumbnail biographies of 12 notable Christian apologists across the centuries. In addition, this Bible includes book introductions and in-text notes, all with an apologetics focus. Holman Bible Publishers needed superior Bible typesetting services, an interior design, a team to help manage the myriad pieces of this Bible, and an editorial team to pull all the final pieces together into a cohesive whole. Drawing upon our deep experience and wide range of talented specialists, Livingstone met and exceeded Holman’s expectations.

The Livingstone team:
•    Managed the hundreds of files of copy
•    Edited the articles, notes, intros, and other features for readability and consistency
•    Helped to place the pieces in appropriate locations in Scripture
•    Created a pleasing interior design that both tied in with the client’s cover and worked with various features
•    Typeset the entire Bible, using our standard quality control procedures
•    Did pre-press checks to prepare for typesetting

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