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The Velveteen Rabbit Movie Discussion Guide

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Discussion guide for animated movie of “The Velveteen Rabbit” (download a PDF of this guide by going to

Project Management, Content Development, Editorial

Family1 Entertainment is committed to “producing and distributing movies that tell great stories—entertainment that inspires, educates and motivates families to explore the world around them together.” As part of this commitment, not only are they bringing great stories to the screen, they are also creating ancillary materials to go with the films. That’s where Livingstone comes in. With our love for books (especially the classics), we were well-suited to create a guide to help parents and teachers talk about the movie with their children.


The Livingstone team

  • Viewed an advance copy of the movie.
  • Chose clips of the movie for viewers to discuss.
  • Developed study guide commentary and questions to go along with sections of the movie.
  • Managed the editorial process, including the writing and editing, before providing a final MS for Family1’s review.

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