Household Money Organizer

Household Money Organizer

Baker Publishing Group

Resource book

Project Management, Editorial, Design (cover and interior)

The team at Baker/Revell asked Livingstone to create a money organizer for folks who still use pencil and paper for bill tracking. The result is a unique month-by-month pocket planner designed to help people keep their personal finances on track—with places to write expenses, pockets to hold bills, and a chart to check off bill payments. Further interactive articles discuss saving, tithing, reducing debt, etc. Livingstone managed the layout of this book, hired writers for and edited the topical articles (one per month), and built an introductory section to help people plan bill paying and track their money.

The Livingstone team

  • Worked with Baker/Revell to determine the topics for the twelve articles, along with the layout for the book.
  • Hired writers with experience in the various fields to write the articles. Interactive topical articles include
    • Having a God-first Perspective on Money
    • Ways to Decrease Your Budget
    • Ways to Decrease Your Debt
    • Giving and Tithing
    • Saving—It Can be Done
    • Summer Money Sense
    • Fun Ways to Live within Your Means
    • Investments—A Primer
    • Using Credit Wisely
    • Is a Home-based Business for You?
    • Learning Contentment
    • Handling the Holidays
  • Created step-by-step front matter for helping people with budgeting and tracking of expenses.
  • Created back matter with helpful books and Web sites, including an article about teaching kids and teens about money.
  • Managed the editorial process, including the editing and copyediting, before providing a final MS for client review.
  • Created interior designs for the Bible pages.
  • Created cover design.
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