Heaven Calling

Heaven Calling

Worthy Media / Zondervan

Devotional book (one year)

Project Management, Editorial, Typesetting

The Heaven Calling devotional takes the readers on a 365-day personal journey from Genesis through Revelation. With devotionals sequenced canonically and written in the first person as though God is speaking to the reader, this book establishes a panoramic storyline for the biblical narrative. Livingstone was asked to create 365 freshly-written devotionals. Livingstone chose 365 readings from Scripture in canonical sequence and a key verse from each reading around which to focus the devotional. Each devotional is a one-page, 150-word exposition of the daily theme verse. Each devotional ends with a seed prayer to provoke reflection and action.

The Livingstone team

  • Chose 365 passages of Scripture and key verses that focus on heaven “calling” to the Bible’s characters and, by extension, the Bible’s readers.
  • Hired writers to create the 365 devotionals.
  • Edited all the devotionals.
  • Style tagged the document to prepare for typesetting.
  • Typeset the book and employed our quality control procedures.
  • Delivered the project on a tight timeline.
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