God’s Promises (series of 8 books)

God's Promises Series

Books in series:

God’s Promises on Character
God’s Promises on the Fruit of the Spirit
God’s Promises on Healing
God’s Promises on His Love
God’s Promises on Knowing Him
God’s Promises on Praise and Worship
God’s Promises on Prayer
God’s Promises on Simplicity

Authentic Publishing/IBS

Gift books

Project Management, Editorial, Interior Design Typesetting

Authentic Publishing requested a series of promise books to be priced as impulse items, categorized with felt needs, and incorporating four different Bible translations used throughout.


The Livingstone team

  • Conceptualized the project and worked interactively with Authentic Publishing’s team to finalize topics to be addressed in the 8 books and the Bible versions to be quoted (NIV, NKJV, ERV, NLT).
  • Built the verse lists for each book (between 350–400 verses per book).
  • Wrote a program to randomly lift verse quotations from each of the 4 chosen Bible versions, allowing us to stay within quotable ranges per each translation’s requirements.
  • Managed the editorial process, including proofreading all Bible verses before typesetting.
  • Created interior designs and chose colors based on covers supplied by Authentic.
  • Provided 8 books, 160 typeset pages each (in 2 staggered deadlines), for Authentic’s review and comment.
  • Ran quality control checks on all pages at every typesetting stage.
  • Prepared final, high-resolution PDFs and sent the PDFs to a specified printer.

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