Apologetics Study Bible for Students

Apologetics Study Bible for Students

B&H Publishing Group

Study Bible

Project Management, Editorial, Design (interior), Typesetting

To follow up on the great success of The Apologetics Study Bible, the team at B&H decided to create a version for students. Working with general editor Sean McDowell, the B&H team and Livingstone met together for a day to brainstorm the Purpose/Philosophy/Plan for the Bible and its features. The result is a Bible for students that includes:

  • 120 articles on key apologetic questions (written to be clear and understandable for students)
  • Study notes
  • “Twisted Scripture” notes, focusing on passages most commonly distorted by cults and other religions
  • “Bones & Dirt” notes that describe how key archaeological finds build confidence in the reliability of Scripture
  • “Notable Quotes” from past and present apologists
  • “Challenges and Tactics” notes give specific tactics to help students be prepared to handle some of the most common challenges to Christianity
  • “Personal Stories” from some of the great defenders of the Christian faith, along with students who detail personal experiences in defending their faith
  • “Fast Facts” lists offer some of the most important apologetics topics in bullet-point format for easy memorization and recall.

The Livingstone team

  • Met with the B&H team and general editor Sean McDowell to plan the project.
  • Managed the process and pieces as they came in from writers and editors.
  • Mapped the project for placement of all features.
  • Created interior design for the Bible pages—giving each feature a distinctive look.
  • Typeset the Bible, including our standard quality control check.
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