Take My Heart, Oh God

Take My Heart, Oh God

Worthy Media / Zondervan

Devotional book (one year)

Project Management, Editorial, Design (interior), Typesetting

The Take My Heart, Oh God devotional is a full-color, one-year devotional for women. Livingstone was challenged to locate quotations of timeless insight from great Christian female authors across the ages. Each daily reading includes the author’s name, an excerpt from one of her writings, a devotional, a Bible verse or passage reference, and a seed prayer.

The Livingstone team

  • Chose 365 excerpts from books by great Christian women authors past and present. Each excerpt had to stand alone and pack a punch within a certain word count to match the design.
  • Hired writers to create the 365 devotionals, using the excerpt as a starting point.
  • Chose verses or passages that would highlight the topic of the excerpt and devotional.
  • Edited all the devotionals.
  • Style tagged the document to prepare for typesetting.
  • Created the interior design.
  • Typeset the book and employed our quality control procedures.
  • Delivered the project on a tight timeline.
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